We'll Help You Find the Perfect Golf Club with Our Custom Club Fitting Pros

Arrange for golf club fitting services in Flat Rock, NC

The Advantage Golf & Learning Center understands that every golfer has a unique swing and stance. If you need golf club fitting services in Flat Rock, NC, turn to us. We'll find a club that works for your height and compliments your swing.

The days of walking into a store and buying a club that's too big or too small are over. Schedule golf club fitting services when you call us at 828-692-9615 now.

Club Fitting Services - by appointment only

Proper club fitting is your first chance of making a great shot with a perfect swing!

To discuss or schedule your fitting services, please come in or call us at 828-692-9615.

Driver Fitting:

1 hour - $75.00

Find your specs: overall distance is your main objective, along with suitable accuracy. We compare your current driver with the latest technology to obtain optimal parameters, including club head speed, ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, carry and total distance, shot deviation, power transfer and more. This allows us to find the driver that best optimizes your swing, with the correct head and shaft combination, length, flex, grip and more.

Fairway and Hybrid Fitting:

45 minutes - $75.00

Discover which long clubs you need and just as important: don't need. Get answers to your questions on gap spacing and the playability of your long game.

Iron Fitting:

1 hour - $75.00

Find out your iron specs: length, lie angle, shaft material and flex, grip style and size, and playability of your game.

Putter Fitting:

45 minutes - $75.00

This is the most overlooked yet most valuable club fitting. We check your stroke style (straight, slight arc, or strong arc) to make sure you get the right head style selection. Then we check shaft length, eye position over the ball for lie angle, and grip size and style to suit your personal feel.

Wedge Fitting:

45 minutes - $75.00

Find your correct gap spacing and number of wedges needed. Discover which wedges you need for your game style. Get the answers to your questions on your real-world use of wedges.